Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Nursery is Complete....well almost!

Finally! Over the weekend of July 18th, Billy and I went and bought Owen's changing table and crib and put it all together. The room is almost done. We still have to get a bookcase and a glider. He already has so many books. Pam has brought over a lot of books of Billy and Gene's when they were babies. I can't wait for the entire room to be done and for us to have bedding for the crib! I have 2 showers coming up. The first one is Sunday, August 31st in Pine Bluff, hosted by Jennifer Watkins and Lena Davis. The second shower is in Fort Worth, September 13th, hosted by Jodi Beard, Carol Rees, Bridget Shelton & Alex Gorman Smith. Although Owen already has a closet full of clothes from family members, I know he will get so many great things! We have truly been blessed in our lives with a great family, friends, dogs, and soon....a wonderful son! We have a charmed life!

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