Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day at the Hospital!

Last Friday, September 19th, I got up to go to work (actually I was going to work at a BAE golf tournament) and on the way, stopped off for my weekly doctors appointment. I was shocked to learn that I was dilated! She hooked me up to the contraction machine and wouldn't you know it...the next thing I know, I have been placed on COMPLETE bed rest and she sent me to the hospital!! So....my day of golf was canceled and Billy and I spent the next 7 or 8 hours in the hospital. They gave me a bunch of shots to stop contractions and then sent me home with medicine that I have to take every 4 hours until the day he is born!!! The doctor really wants me to make it to the October 16th date we have planned. I am working from home and trying my hardest to be a good girl and stay off my feet!! Here are some pictures of my hospital visit! We were bored!

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